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Community of Communities 🤝

A place for community leaders to join together to actualize the decentralized future. We are all on the same team. Let's empower individuals with ownership and inclusion.

✨Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians ✨

A self-organized Fellowship within the Ethereum community to maximize technical opportunities, share ideas, and work together effectively across national, organizational and other boundaries.

CryptoEconomics Study Forum

This forum is dedicated to helping you get the most from the one and only Cryptoeconomics Course.

ΞTHGlobal Hackathons

ETHGlobal is fostering a world-class ecosystem of Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs, collectively building the Web 3 world.


RxC: RadicalxChange
The ideas we discuss in this forum can radically change many features of our society. They are intended to address three events, which Glen Weyl and Eric Posner called the “crisis of the liberal order” in their book, Radical Markets.

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